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New Year's Eve Finale

Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Michelle Obama

Stormy Daniels

Mary Poppins & Chimney Sweeps

Brett Kavanaugh

Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Vladimir Putin, Mohammed bin Salman & Kim Jong-un

The Von Trump Family

This is Beach Blanket Babylon!


Beach Blanket Babylon, the world’s longest running musical revue and one of the most popular San Francisco attractions, is a high energy pop culture satire and the perfect night. The New York Times says Beach Blanket Babylon is “updated more often than your smartphone!”  The San Francisco Chronicle says it is “a must-see” and gives the show its highest rating!

Celebrating nearly 17,000 performances, Beach Blanket Babylon has become a world renowned record-breaking success. Seen by 6.5 million people from around the world, this internationally acclaimed musical revue continues to delight audiences at Club Fugazi in the City’s North Beach district with its hilarious spoofs of pop culture, spectacular costumes and outrageously gigantic hats! For San Francisco things to do, choose Beach Blanket Babylon.